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 Admit me

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PostSubject: Consider me pretty please   Thu Feb 21, 2008 6:29 am

Hi there i am new to this game and saw DNA on one of the chars and thought i would give the message a go ^.^ soooo here goes ((please pardon any mistake in my english i am working on it as best i can every day...thank you))

1) Dresgon / USX

2) At the moment that i am writeing this i am population of 212 but i am only like 5 days old so pretty please take this into consideration... ^.^

3) umm again at the moment i writeing this i have about 32 macers 32 spearmen 2 scouts 10 paladins and 1 hero paladin but again 5 days old i am working hard on it promice

4) No...but i have had one threat from a guy whose "friend" i was farming he said he would drop me in a day but thats all he has never sent anything after me and there are only a couple people in my 7x7 that are scarey to me

5)well its simple there is power in fear and if i am in your allience then people will see that and leave me alone and let me build my citys in peace..least that is the hope... in return i am a very nice person unless provoked...

umm thats about all i am pretty new like i said and just want to feel protected and wanted...and if nothing else thank you for viewing my request anyway ^.^

much love
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PostSubject: Re: Admit me   Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:36 pm

1) icecools

2) 17

3) 0

4) not yet

5) i don't think i am going 2 make it very long if i don't join a clan and i like how u guys run things. i feel that if u where under attack i would protect u and i would do the same 4 u the best i know how. i also feel u won't screw me over. i wish 2 join the ggc clan on server 5.
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PostSubject: Admit me   Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:06 pm

If you are requesting to Join DNA, DNAII (us3); DNAI-DD, DNAII-DD (usx); or GGC (us5) answer the questions below.

1) Username and Server
2) Population
3) Army size, if 0 why? (# of troops)
4) Are you under attack? By catapults?
5) Why do you want to join?

Supreme Commander of DNA and Head all of wings of DNA.

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PostSubject: Re: Admit me   

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Admit me
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