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red dawn
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red dawn

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PostSubject: RULES   Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:42 pm




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PostSubject: Re: RULES   Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:04 pm


In response to the harsh realities of raiding hordes stealing all your resources, this alliance of villages is pledged to a universal cause of protection to all its members.

The base purpose of Department Non-Aggression is therefore to promote the prosperity of its members through their village's defense and reaching agreements with possible enemies. Stand as a group, and as one. Together we stand, divided we fall.

Article I__________

The forums of DNA are where it's members talk to each other. In light of its importance therefore, there are certain important rules that must be followed while posting in the forums.

Firstly, make sure that you post in the correct forum for your post. It is also important that you not use profane language while posting in the forums. The commander mandated response to shaming the alliance is becoming a farm. The most important thing however, is to post what you want where it goes. That is the purpose of our forums.

Article II__________

In response to the breaking of any DNA rule or regulation, the commander has the ultimate power to impose punishment. However, if enough public pressure is on the commander to have an open discussion on the issue, he may set a date and time.

Article III__________

In order to create an environment where our villages are safe, there are specific rules of engagement that must be followed when fighting battles, raiding, or fighting wars.

Do not attack any person in an alliance that is half as powerful as your own. Do not farm Travian users without observing their inactivity. Always send them a message telling them to message you and you will stop farming them. It goes without saying, but, do not attack members of your own alliance. Lastly, feel free to ask members in your alliance to reinforce your village when

In a time of war, it is a member of DNA's responsibility to help other members out. Post on the forums, communicate.
Communication is the key to victory. The troops of two villages is always better than one. Fight your battles, but aggression must be your last option.

Article IV__________

If, in the course of events, it becomes necessary to change, delete, or add to the constitution, It shall be possible. If a change becomes nessessary, and has been in discussion in the discussion thread, a vote will be called by either the Constitution Creator or the Commander, but not to be voted upon by members with ranks. If the amendment passes the people of DNA, it will be written and worded by the ranking members of DNA.

Amendment I__________

With the growth of DNA, it is now necessary to be more strict in rules. Grey dots without a reason will be farmed by DNA members.

Amendment II__________

Article III's second clause, second sentence is repealed, and no longer in effect.

Amendment III__________

According to recent troubles, the commander has the right to declare a member guilty of treason. The commander must prove that the member left without notice, gave away confidential information, or attacked another alliance member. The penalties for treason, and a list of member's rights are to follow.

Amendment IV__________

The attacking of Allies and Naps is a crime punishable of being booted from the Main branch of DNA. If you cost Department Non-Aggression an Ally or Nap, you will be booted without question.

Equally punishable is the with-holding of information about an Ally or Nap that has been attacked or information that an Ally or Nap has generously given DNA.

Amendment V__________

Treason is punishable by censure, or formal disapproval of a members actions, followed by other demands. High treason, or attacking of another clan member, is punishable by destruction.

Amendment VI__________

The people of DNA have the right to do whatever they please within the bounds of reason. DNA members have any right not explicitly denied in the constitution. The commander or constitution creator may not infringe on these rights, nor may they pass any amendment meant to work retroactively.


Permanent farms are now a necessity of DNA. The recent disruptions in our alliance and diplomatic ties has forced our hands. The traitors, drop-outs, and dregs of DNA are no longer going to be tolerated. DNA now has the military capacity to DESTROY several players at a time. You have been forewarned.

Amendment VIII__________

At this point in DNA, if you are going to be inactive, get a sitter. Deletion of your account is not advisable, and you should instead put someone as your sitter, and let them assist you.
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koi ni ochiru

koi ni ochiru

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PostSubject: Re: RULES   Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:23 pm

As this forum grows we will need rules that are much simpler to understand

While I really like the look of amendements and the reading this usually doesn't work because most people will not even read the rules

A simple rule list like:

"No flaming- This includes cursing, yelling, or anything meant to diminish the reputation of another user"

Also rules that can be stretched to fit the situation make for horrible forum rules because the members of a bigger forum will start to argue about the true meaning of the rules and find ways to stretch them so that they can do as they please

Also they can easyily say I didn't understand. This would lead to many problems because some members might get mad at the commanders and such and try to move to others alliances in order to attack DNA

You see with a forum that is tied in with a game you have to be very careful about these things because any type of argument could pose a real problem for an alliance.

Now it is true that Our Constitution and probably other Constitutions are set up in a way smilar to this but our members are more important to us than the people of the US to the United States.

Reason: We don't have control over our members in any way, Your not dealing with consequences in RL so one would do as one wished, members have different improtance levels to their respective alliances, there are a lot of reasons but you get the idea.

Now what we could do is use these as the actual rules and then the Admins discuss what to actually do with the interpretations

BTW red dawn's rules were way too short in the respect that he didn't address much obvisously
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PostSubject: Re: RULES   

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